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Reliable and Low-Cost Rail Cargo Service Solution Provider in India

Sankarshan Logistics is a top rail cargo service and management solution provider in India. As a reliable and experienced Railway logistics service provider, we can offer a smart way of conveying your freight from one to another place where the railway had reached.

As a top railway cargo agent, our services had improved in effectiveness and capabilities for transportation on every passing year. We know our responsibility and committed to managing your rail shipping with robust internal logistics based on the client’s business needs and demand.

That is why we have helped hundreds of firms and individual clients in managing their railway freight in a seamless and cost-effective manner. Through our service, we ensure that your goods reach to desired locations safely within the stipulated time.

Benefits of Taking Railway Transport Services

The Indian Railways plays a crucial role in the transportation of heavy freight to distant places. In contrary to road transport, the railway transport service can be used to carry a heavy volume of goods seamlessly. The rail cargo service is always dependable and economical for long distant transportation for businesses of all sizes.

Here are some compelling reasons to take Railways Transport service for your next freight:

Minimize Cost

Railways can be an ideal option over the road for the movement of a large volume of goods to distant places. The Railway logistic service is a viable option for businesses looking for a competent mode of transport than road transport in term of costs. But the advantage of competitive pricing largely depends on the frequency of movement and volume freight load of a container fitted onto a train. The whole logistics chain cost reduces increasing the profitability for shippers.


Rail cargo service operates and runs on a scheduled timetable. As rail service follows a rigorous discipline in its operation, you can do logistics planning with the certainty of departure and arrival times. The railway transport service has proven reliability and discipline than road transport which gets delayed due to traffics and congestions. Thus, it a natural fit for every business seeking timely delivery of consignments.


Most of the freight trains run at a higher speed than the road equivalent. There is a clear advantage of using railway logistics service over the road in term of speed in moving heavy bulk freight. Even the slower intermodal trains run faster than the heavy load trucks on roads. Use of railway logistic service helps in tightening up the manufacturing in industries.


If you are an ardent ‘safe environment’ supporter, the Railway transport service is for you. Due to the sheer quantity of loads a train can carry, this transport mode provides considerable carbon saving over the road freight service. As trains are being electrified, the carbon emission is effectively zero. Every tonne of freight conveyed through rail produces 80 percent less carbon compared to road transport that helps to create a healthier environment.

Well Connected & Sustainable

Rail cargo service continues to grow its reach with the growth of rail lines to new cities and locations across the country. Today, almost every city of India is well connected with Railways making it a viable and sustainable option. Moreover, the Railway transport service runs efficiently and seamlessly irrespective of weather condition and disturbances. The vast rail network helps businesses to move a heavy volume of goods to various parts of the country.

Why Choose our Rail Freight Service?

As a top railway cargo agent, we can help businesses to bring their goods to the intended market within the stipulated time and in best quality. We offer a reliable railway transport service and management with a modern consignment tracking system at any time. We employ the highest infrastructure and solutions to carry your freight safely.

Here are some reasons to choose for rail cargo service in India:

  • Years of experience in rail transportation.
  • Possess high-end experience and expertise in this domain.
  • A single place for complete rail cargo solution.
  • Easy multi-models handling and movement.
  • Safe, cost-effective, reliable and ethical services to clients.
  • No delay in delivery.
  • Transit monitoring facilities.
  • Competitive pricing and customized packages based on your needs.

Are you looking for a cost-effective Railway transport service?

As a top railway cargo agent, we can offer a complete logistics solution to you. Contact us now.

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